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Hula and Sacred Sound
Sacred Sound and Ecstatic States
Jammin with Sacred Sound for Kids
Saraswati Sound Circles
Morning Mana: the Magic of Mantra!

I am a conduit for sacred sound that wants to infuse this planet. I do this for myself, for individuals, for groups, for living and work spaces, for the Land (and her creatures.)

I am a chanter. A song carrier. I am not performing. I deliver what is there. I am a magnet, a receiver, and a tuning fork all at once, resonating with the moment, the planet, the source of all sound. Aum. Om.
Tarananda Ð in service to the vibration of sacred sound.

Chants, prayers, tonings, mantras, songs, recitations, sacred texts, divine names from multiple traditions are vibrating and flooding through me. When they stream in, they take hold of my voice and I say them out loud.

All of life is vibration. Our bodies are vibrating energy fields. They are brought into harmony through sound. Tarananda genuinely urges you to consider the possibilities of Sound as Nutrition, and Sound as Medicine. How Healthy / Wealthy is Your Diet?

Tarananda is a space holder for the transformation of consciousness through intentional relationship with Sound.

Vibrational Offerings to accompany YOUR intent.

• Individual & Group Sound Healings
"Sacred Chants, Sacred Plants" sessions with tuning forks, chimes, bowls, voice & high-vibration essential oils

• Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

• Telephone Appointments
Sound work is vibrational in nature and can be conducted very successfully, long distance over the phone

• Private Voice Coaching
Customized practices for individuals wanting to increase the frequency of their energy body, through distinct sound practices.

• Chanting & Mantra Instruction
Private and group studies in raising our vibration

• House Blessings
Energy Clearings, intentional space setting and rededication of harmony in your living space

• Discussions/workshops on: Sound as Nutrition, The Tantra and Alchemy of Sound, Cultivating Gratitude Consciousness, Bhakti, Sacred Names and the Ocean of Devotion

Mindful work with sound can be an invaluable tool in raising the vibration of our magnetic energy field, as well as pathway into unity consciousness.

If we are to be fully human beings, we must be expressing with our voice. Voice is the vehicle of the soul.

Experience Sacred Sound as a vehicle for rejoicing, and as well as coming to know it as a portal for our expansion.
The idea is that we will play with the fostering ecstatic states through the use of our voice. Such practices are ultimately consciousness transforming…

Tarananda’s work is dedicated to heart-centered space-holding for exploring the essence of who we are, and the nurturing of expanded consciousness. Tarananda offers empowerment for the transformation of consciousness – that is to say the actual living of our connection with the Divine.

As we develop a deeper remembering of the interconnectedness and the sanctity of all life, an endless fountain of gratitude begins to emerge and we become no longer capable of witholding the expression of our devotion. Then as we find ourselves vibrating to the frequency of gratitude, we eventually begin to merge with our birthright signature of Bliss. Connecting with our bliss is more than just a game.

A great impetus for Tarananda’s bringing her work forward is to impart the message that the cosmos is issuing a command for us to expand in all ways. Incoming wave-like pulsations of energy from deep space are serving as impulses of evolution... We are being summoned to call upon our Bliss and put it to work. I am predicting that the cultivating of ecstatic states will in short order become for us a primary space of refuge- a means for finding balance and stability within the ever-accelerating context of our universe.

Learning to intentionally create such states is a part of the work I have been brought here to do. My method proposes the use of Sacred sound as a means to foster these states... .
Watch for upcoming workshops and retreats, both in Hawaii and on the mainland, where this will be enthusiastically explored in more depth…

How far is it?
How far is the light of the moon from the moon?
How far is the taste of candy from the lip?
– Rumi

Spring Message from Tarananda
Spring is here. Become the creators that you are.
Seek to renew your sourcing from a source that is life-affirming and constant.

Go deeper within. Quicken your own life force by choosing for yourself a reality that makes your heart sing. Fashion it according to that which is sweetness for you. Open your ears. Open your eyes. Open your hearts. Open up your voices to the glory of Creation. Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Happy Equinox.

Take heed. Do not lose sight of one last commitment: the one to gentleness – Compassion for yourself, and for all the others you meet along the way who are also trying their very best.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be done all at once. We can be mindful and grateful at our leisure. We’ve been given a lifetime. Enjoy your creation. Namaste.

Now, Go out and participate in this miracle called Life from the fullness of your hearts

The half-hearted do not rise into majesty
– Rumi

See to the harmonizing of your intentions with those of the Creator.

And by the time you have finished...
you must have the intent
and the aim of seeing God.
Nothing else
...Then your eyes won’t draw you away.
Your ears won't draw you away.
Only he will be drawing you,
and you will be drawing Him.
– Rumi

Ah-h, this marvel of a vortex named Hawai’i that acts as a portal between dimensions for the entire planet - How wonderful it feels to be home...

In honor of new life that symbolizes this season, I want to spend a moment acknowledging this land I am now priveleged to call home.

I renew my gratitude for- the generosity of the place that has welcomed me to live.

In Hawai’i , I am grateful to say, we benefit inestimably from a people whose culture embraces a wisdom of wholeness. My dream is that the entire world come benefit from this modeling of a people who have not allowed the forgetting of their connection to all of life. And so it is done.

My dream is that we all come to a place of reverence for our homeland whose living essence cradles us, for our ancestors and totem spirits who guide us, for our great teachers and elders who reside in this dimension, for the sacred [water] connections which bridge the worlds, and for the origins and source of our existence.

I know that I have found home for me, in this place where everything is considered sacred – A place that teaches us that by virtue of its sacredness, all must be acknowledged. A world of pulsing creation that responds immediately to the attention we give it. A land that is accustomed to a relationship with her people. A land that is brought alive each time it is activated – be it through chanting, a mindful walk or swim – or by simply being present to the beauty, the marvel, and the aloha that fills the very air we are privileged to breathe.


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