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Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound and Ecstatic States

Accelerated energy waves coming at us from the heart of our Universe are serving as catalysts for our expansion. We are being summoned to energetically keep pace with "the quickening" that is upon us. Sacred Sound is a way to find balance and stability within this turmoil.

We as humanity are now being called to rise to our fullest vibrancy – our Bliss (ananda).

In the footsteps of the ancients, Tarananda reminds us that we can also use Sacred Sound for the intentional cultivatation of ecstatic states.

Ecstasy happens in the context of union with the Divine.

Ecstasy occurs when we so lose ourselves to rejoicing in the Divine, that we can no longer contain it.
Our voice is the vehicle. The Divine is the inspiration.

The secrets of sacred sound have been known to mystics for eons. In the past, sacred sound as a path has been reserved for the dedicated few. In today's race, it's the chariot for all us all. Mastering sacred sound is both a direct pathway for aligning with our highest possible frequency, and a portal for merging with Spirit. It is my calling to demystify Sacred Sound and bring it out.



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