Morning Mana: the Magic of Mantra! ®

Saraswati’s Circle, a “Sort of Sound Sangha” presents

red sriyantra

Om.. Excuse, Me.

Hello??  Are You Tapped in, Tuned In, Turned On???

Begin your days fully empowered. Here’s your chance-Rise and Shine!!!     

Add  a little Sonic Boost to your morning brew! Awaken to the invigorating potential of chanted energies.  The ancients would begin each and every day remembering their place within this magnificent fabric of Creation.

Start your day with the age-old practice of honoring this most basic foundation: Treat yourself to something new. No previous experience or beliefs required.

Just think of it as Vibrational Juice to start your morning.
This is an invitation to explore how the sounding of certain seed syllables will feel in your own body.

Come play with the balancing and regenerative frequencies…
If you haven’t a clue what all this means, just come anyway!   It feels really good. It’s liberating.

May 2 & 3,  May 8, 9 &  10, and May 15
(Mornings at YES! 7:15 am )

Here’s Where:  Pay close attention here.
Wednesdays May 2 & 9, and  Tuesdays May 8 & 15, at Liberty Park’s 13th South entrance, by the water’s edge, facing East

Thursdays May 3 & 10, at Centered City Yoga,
 918 East, 900 South   

$8.00 Donation per class.
Consider the 6-Session series $44.00

Tarananda. Celebrating the bliss of sound. Savor Every Moment.
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.



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Morning Mana & Sonic Sunset

Imagine begining (or ending!) your day fully empowered!

Awaken (or retire) to the envigorating potential of musical energies. Remember your place within this magnificent fabric of creation. Integrate the age-old practice of honoring your connection with Source energy through the use of your voice.

•Extend your stamina,
•Increase your clarity,
•Improve your rest.




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