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Sacred Sound

Jammin with Sacred Sound for Kids

Jammin' with Sacred Sound offers a new approach to dealing with challenges faced by kids. From peer pressure and fitting in, to feeling misunderstood, we show kids a way to take control of their reality.

Jammin' with Sacred Sound is a program for children (and their parents) which brings awareness to the fact that sounds generate feelings in our bodies. Working/playing with sacred sound can help us manage our emotions by giving us anchors for maintaining a sense of balance - a sense of self.

Children of all ages are in great need of help - tools that can help them get back in touch with the core of their being. The further we stray from our core, the more we forget our connection with Source, the more chaotic life becomes. We cannot make good choices or lead an empowered life from a scattered or shattered place.

In Jammin' with Sacred Sound kids learn to take responsibility for their own well-being, and begin to have a sense of themselves as creators of their own reality. When joined with positive intent, the human voice can impact our relationships and our circumstances in ways that are tremendously beneficial.

Jammin' with Sacred Sound helps kids:

•learn to effectively move energy with their voice

•learn to take care of themselves by making sounds whose "vibrations" are healing in nature

•learn to call for help from their higher guidance. There is a distinct sense of calm that arises from feeling our connection with source energy

•stop the outside world so they can be with how they feel inside

•focus their desires and enhance creativity

Jammin' with Sacred Sound introduces dynamic and playful phrases from a variety of ancient traditions, that children can practice and master. Sacred sounds are potent, healthy vibrations which raise our frequency on a cellular level. Sacred sounds are inherently life-giving and when repeated mindfully, automatically put us back in our center.

Jammin' with Sacred Sound teaches the use of mantras as magic words. Mantras are like genies who grant us wishes. Mantras can also be like Ghostbusters, by chasing away the bad guys - the monkeys in our minds.

"Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha *"

* " Yay for Ganesha, the remover of obstacles!"

This is also a fantastic tool for parents wanting to find a new way to get through to their kids. What we sometimes can't hear or say in everyday words we can feel through sound. A terrific communication strategy.

This program differs from traditional "music lessons" in that our goal is not performance. We are not about "sounding right" but generating and feeling sounds that increase our sense of well-being. The space we set- up is all-inclusive, and the sounds we practice are easy to follow. Anyone can do it!




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